Retail Loss Prevention and Access Control


U.S. retailers lose billions of dollars each year from shrinkage, with causes including employee theft, errors in record keeping, or vendor fraud. Heartland pcAmerica arms businesses with retail loss prevention and access control functionality that can help minimize shrinkage — and its impact on the bottom line.

Security Logs

pcAmerica enables you to review a log that shows voids, deletions, edits, discounts, and other vulnerable functions and matches them to the cashier or sales associate assigned to the POS terminal where they occurred. Strict cash control features help you identify cash discrepancies to the shift or the cashier.

Store Security

pcAmerica retail loss prevention features include the ability to integrate a surveillance camera system with your POS system to curb shoplifting and keep employees accountable.

Access Control

Employee theft ranks high on the list of causes of retail shrinkage. Heartland pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express enables you to limit access to point of sale (POS) functions that can make your business more vulnerable to employee theft. pcAmerica enables you to limit functions such as discounts, no sales, voids, and price changes based on an employee’s login or job code.


pcAmerica gives you the ability to produce reports that cover each area of your business — from sales to inventory to labor scheduling and payroll — to help you identify areas of shrinkage, pinpoint issues and correct them.

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