POS Reports


Heartland pcAmerica’s point of sale (POS) software, Cash Register Express is designed to generate the POS reports you need in an actionable format that highlights the most vital data on sales, costs, inventory, and more.

Easy to Use

Our reporting screen allows you to choose the type of report with just a click of the button. Then choose the date and time range for the report as well as other criteria to narrow results to the specific data you need. You can view POS reports by store number, cashier ID, customer, vendor, department or item.

Sales Reports

pcAmerica’s comprehensive sales reports provide a snapshot of overall costs, labor cost percentage, sales, profits, and performance.

Customer Reports

Monitor the number of customers and average transaction amounts over a specific time period to compare store performance or to schedule labor. You can also access individual customer reports for use in targeted up-selling or cross-selling.

Product Mix

Easily identify your top selling items as well as slow-moving products. pcAmerica reports also quickly show which products need to be reordered and which are missing from inventory.

Daily Financial Summaries

Quickly access income, balance sheet and cash flow. Integration with QuickBooks accounting eliminates manual data entry.

Mobile Cloud Reporting

Access POS reports and monitor your business anytime, anywhere through our web portal, free with your pcAmerica support plan. Retailers can use the graphical dashboard interface to manage multiple locations with a real-time view of store metrics. You can adjust the dashboard to compare data to previous days, weeks, months or years. pcAmerica cloud reporting is hosted on secure, redundant cloud servers.

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