Retail Point of Sale Software for Efficient Management


Quick rings. Fast checkouts. That is the foundation of Heartland pcAmerica’s award-winning retail point of sale software Cash Register Express employed by over 50,000 users worldwide. The software is designed with the features that are at the top of your wish list like credit card processing, inventory management, scheduling, and cash management.

Spend Less Time Training & More Time Ringing Up Sales

This retail point of sale (POS) software is engineered to require the least amount of touches necessary to ring up a sale so lines keep moving. A simple barcode scan or touch of a button rings up an item and sale and specialty pricing are automatically applied by the POS. Payments are a breeze with quick tender keys for cash transactions and credit card and gift cards are processed with a simple swipe. Cash Register Express’ easy to use touch screen and intuitive interface make it a favorite of retailers who don’t want to spend hours training new employees.

Real-Time Inventory at Your Fingertips

Quickly determine if an item is in stock and handing receiving and returns efficiently for a true picture of inventory. pcAmerica also generates purchase orders when stock drops below a minimum level.

Streamline Labor Management

You have the ability to turn your cash register into a workhorse that not only processes purchases but also enables employee time clock and labor scheduling. Plus, Cash Register Express has the reporting and analytics that help monitor employee performance and make smart scheduling decisions.

Safe and Secure on All Fronts

Cash Register Express is your first line of defense against retail shrinkage and theft. For your peace of mind, this retail point of sale software comes standard with multiple retail theft prevention and employee accountability elements. You have the ability to restrict access to discounts, price changes and voids based on an employee’s unique login ID. There are also strict cash controls that give you visibility into discrepancies by shift or individual cashier. For added security, a security camera can be integrated into your POS too. To see all of pcAmerica POS software features at work and learn how they can benefit your business, contact our team to schedule a demonstration.

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