Retail Inventory Management


Managing inventory accurately and cost-effectively has a direct impact on overall business success. In a highly competitive, multi-store, multi-channel world, however, you need a robust tech solution to track inventory. Heartland pcAmerica software includes a robust retail inventory management feature that enables you to keep tight control over this vital area of your business.

Monitoring inventory

Our reporting features show what’s in stock and its cost — with fast lookup by barcode or product description, sales associates can use this information to save a sale or combat show-rooming. You can also leverage our reports to investigate slow moving items, how to discount them and still make a profit, and which items not to carry again. Similarly, inventory data will show which products and brands perform best and provide the most profit.

Integrated purchasing

Heartland pcAmerica’s integrated purchasing feature tracks vendor lists, manages item costs and generates and receives purchase orders. Our purchase order system enables you to order items individually or by the case. Search items by a particular vendor or narrow your search to only items that have fallen below minimum levels.

Fast, efficient receiving

When merchandise arrives at your locations, use barcode scanners to enter data into your Heartland’s pcAmerica POS system for quick, accurate receiving and real-time inventory visibility.


pcAmerica automates inventory counts and helps control labor hours associated with them. Stock can be counted or received anywhere in your store with integrated software on a handheld computer or other mobile device, providing more accurate counts than with manual methods. Our system also enables you to compare actual versus theoretical inventory counts and discrepancy reports.

Reduce Retail Shrinkage

Visibility into inventory throughout your organization helps identify areas where loss and shrinkage are occurring and provides you with data to help pinpoint and correct problems.

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