Retail Customer Management


Winning and retaining customer loyalty is an important step toward retail success. Although good service and exceptional merchandise are important factors in building customer loyalty, relying on them alone aren’t enough in today’s highly competitive retail environment. Solid marketing and loyalty rewards strategies are proven methods for attracting new customers to your store and incentivizing them to return.

Marketing and Promotions

Use your POS system for marketing directly to customers and to track redemption of offers. Integrated e-commerce and mobile channels give you the ability to offer cross-channel promotions and use the data they produce to create a more complete picture of customers. pcAmerica can also integrate popular social marketing tools into your POS system to help promote your products on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Loyalty Rewards

Automatically track loyalty rewards program points, giving customers easy access to their balances and fast and simple points redemption. Our retail customer management tools also give you insight into your rewards program’s performance so you can make adjustments that help you get the most return for your investment. pcAmerica makes it simple to enroll shoppers in the program and engage customers who participate.

Managing Your Customer List

pcAmerica’s retail customer management features allow you to compile data into a comprehensive customer list. We make it easy to edit and add to the list — you can scan a driver license to auto-populate a customer record — and upload it for marketing or sales initiatives. Our software provides fast customer lookup by name, loyalty program number, or phone number and provides itemized details of each customer’s purchases. Use data you collect to segment the list and target marketing campaigns for greater effectiveness.

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