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Retail Point of Sale Software

Streamline business management, saving time and money

Heartland pcAmerica believes a retailer should devote its time to customers, not to administrative tasks and tech support. Our Cash Register Express point of sale (POS) software streamlines your retail operation, automating many tasks, and gives you more time to focus on your customers — and to stand out from your competitors. In addition to delivering fast, efficient checkout, pcAmerica Cash Register Express enables you to operate an omnichannel business in physical locations and on digital channels: access customer and product information from your POS system or mobile device to personalize service and make more effective upsell offers: track inventory: manage schedules: and generate reports with ease, increasing productivity and profitability. Join retailers using the more than 50,000 pcAmerica systems installed worldwide to elevate your business to a more efficient, profitable operation.


Our PA-DSS-compliant Cash Register Express software is compatible with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solutions to keep your business PCI-compliant and customer data safe.

Industry Proven

Our POS solutions can be tailored to meet needs of your market or industry and are also configurable to support the specific way you do business.

Faster Checkout

Heartland pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express retail POS and tablet POS solutions are designed to require the fewest touches at checkout, to total sales quickly and keep lines short.


Heartland pcAmerica software gives you the ability to scale as your business needs change or as you require new functionality, whether you operate a single location or a multistore chain.

Benefits to Your Business

pcAmerica Cash Register Express provides the tools successful retailers need

Grow Revenues

Track loyalty program participation automatically, enhance marketing campaigns, increase foot traffic in your stores to increase sales, and deliver consistent shopping experiences whether the customer is in-store,online or on a mobile device.


Keep Tight Control on Costs

Optimize inventory, manage labor schedules, and streamline administrative tasks, saving you money and improving the bottom line.


Analyze Data for Smart Decisions

Use our detailed reports to help you make smarter, more informed business decisions when it comes to purchasing, scheduling, and marketing.

pcAmerica Cash Register Express Retail POS Software Features

Your business processes: faster, easier, and more accurate

Decreased Wait at the Checkout

Our powerful software enables fast transactions and our tablet solutions provide you with line busting capabilities and let you assist customers anywhere in the store.

Securely Process Payments

PCI-DSS-compliance and encryption and out-of-scope processing options work to keep payment processing secure, whether customers are paying with cash, credit cards, gift cards or mobile wallets such as Apple Pay or Android Pay.

Inventory Control

Avoid overstocking and out-of-stocks with our robust inventory management feature. You can also effectively manage buy online, pickup in store or online orders for home delivery.

Labor Scheduling and Management

Automate labor management tasks and forecast labor needs more accurately.

Detailed Business Reporting

Access sales reports, employee performance analyses, real-time inventory data, and more to help you make smart business decisions

Loss Prevention

Reduce shrinkage with an array of features that help control access, track inventory, and keep employees accountable.

Gift Cards

Compatible with most major gift and prepaid card systems, pcAmerica Cash Register Express can issue and track gift cards right from your POS system.

ID Scanning/Age Verification

Scan ID to check age and set prompts to remind your staff to verify age when required.

Shopper Conveniences

Enhance shopping experiences by offering a gift registry, gift receipts, layaway, and returns for store credit.

Track Sales Tax and Commissions

Multisite retailers using web portal data can keep data safe and ensure business continuity with data hosted on secure, redundant cloud servers.

Mobile Cloud-Based Reporting:

Access to Real-Time Data, Whenever You Need

Retailers with single stores can remotely access graphical dashboard anytime, anywhere, from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

You can also access sales, profits and key performance indicator (KPI) metrics reports in real time.

View store traffic and department performance with hourly sales breakdowns.

Review historical sales data and compare current sales to previous days, weeks, months, or years.

Multisite retailers using web portal data can keep data safe and ensure business continuity with data hosted on secure, redundant cloud servers.

Get the advantages of mobile cloud-based reporting as a part of your monthly pcAmerica support plan.

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