Liquor POS Security Features

Point of sale (POS) security is a must-have for liquor stores. LiquorPOS includes security features that make POS software functions less vulnerable to compromise and let you keep a close eye on activities that require careful tracking.

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Security by Design

Not all users need access to all POS functions. With LiquorPOS, you can customize the liquor POS security feature to allow individual store employees access to as many or as few sensitive functions as you consider appropriate. Limit employees’ ability to perform voids or returns, or other functions that could open the door to loss and shrinkage.

Logging the Evidence

Properly identifying suspicious activity is impossible without a detailed security log. LiquorPOS’ multiple log functions simplify evidence-gathering by allowing you to track voids, edits, deletions, and discounts made in the sales screen. You can also trace changes in product and sales records made outside the sales screen.

The Sale’s the Limit

Want to add another element of POS security? A “SalesScreen only” security software feature built into LiquorPOS locks sales clerks out of all sensitive back-office editing and reporting functions. It also disables the Windows start bar, blocking access to any other program in Windows.

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