LiquorPOS Reporting

There’s no question about it: Easy, barrier-free access to accurate information is a major benefit of implementing any point of sale (POS) software. But LiquorPOS goes one step beyond, providing LiquorPOS reporting with user-defined levels of detail that give you deep insight into —  and a true handle on — your business.

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Detailed Sales Reports

Retail reporting software should be flexible, with the option to generate reports that contain different levels of information according to retailers’ needs. Our LiquorPOS reporting feature allows you to monitor sales by individual item or groups of similar items, as well as by year, month, day, or hour.


For liquor store owners, remaining successful means maintaining a consistent handle on how much profit your store is generating and which merchandise areas are top profit generators. LiquorPOS produces richly detailed profit reports that allow you to identify, with certainty, your most profitable items and those that aren’t yielding the return you want.


Success in the retail liquor market also requires an intimate knowledge of which items are moving fastest off your store’s shelves, and which aren’t, at any given time. The LiquorPOS reporting feature of LiquorPOS also lets you run popularity reports to compare sales for different periods of time, so you can better identify seasonal favorites or assess the effect of promotions.


Enhanced accountability also ranks high on the list of LiquorPOS’ benefits. Our reporting feature enables you to account for all cash, check, and charge tenders — so balancing your daily receipts couldn’t be easier. What’s more, LiquorPOS generates detailed daily closeout reports. You can tailor the closeout process to produce individual reports for a shift, station, or clerk. A consolidated report is always produced at the end of day. All reports include a breakdown of sales by tender type, a read on discounts and coupons, overage and shortage calculations, and other details.

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