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When you begin to explore LiquorPOS, you will find the most frequently used component of our LiquorPOS (point of sale) software is its intuitive and attractive sales interface.

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The LiquorPOS SalesScreen gives you easy access to all sales functions and displays transaction data in a comprehensible format. Frequently performed tasks, like voiding a sale and item lookup, are linked to function keys on the keyboard. The LiquorPOS software can also be programmed so all functions initiated using SalesScreen are represented on the display as clickable buttons. This option is great for touchscreen-based systems.

Icons make the system even easier to use for common functions; icons appear in the basic on-screen menu at all times. A pop-up menu lets you access other tasks — for example, lottery sales and pending transactions. With the SalesScreen, you can also use quick-keys (one- or two-letter codes) to instantly access certain functions. For example, to quickly display the lottery module, a store clerk need only touch the “L” key.



LiquorPOS is also designed for hassle-free tendering that meets retailers’ individual needs. For every transaction, you’ll see a clear display of the tendered amount, total due, and change due; a list of tender options simplifies selection. Tendering options can be customized. LiquorPOS also supports transactions completed with foreign currency, gift certificates, and online gift cards.



From common UPCs to barcodes on rare imported wines, the retail POS software component of our LiquorPOS recognizes barcode symbologies of all types. It’s also flexible, as you can use it to produce barcodes for any product that doesn’t arrive at your store pre-labeled.



Need access to product information? It’s instantly available in the LiquorPOS SalesScreen. A touch of the F3 key on the screen brings up your entire inventory list on the screen. You can then search the list from this window by any product details and choose those items you wish to add to a transaction. An “Explode Items” function allows you to display very detailed information about any item you choose.

Instant Item Lookup


Enhanced accountability also ranks high on the list of LiquorPOS’ benefits. Our reporting feature enables you to account for all cash, check, and charge tenders — so balancing your daily receipts couldn’t be easier. What’s more, LiquorPOS generates detailed daily closeout reports. You can tailor the closeout process to produce individual reports for a shift, station, or clerk. A consolidated report is always produced at the end of day. All reports include a breakdown of sales by tender type, a read on discounts and coupons, overage and shortage calculations, and other details.


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