LiquorPOS: More Liquor Store POS Features, More Value

LiquorPOS is state-of-the-art, feature-rich liquor store point of sale (POS) software that gives your business all of the tools and unique capabilities you need to thrive in the market. LiquorPOS allows you to easily edit, order, and receive products; manage receivables; and produce reports.

We also help you manage your workforce: Training new hires is easy with our intuitive system, and any employee who’s familiar with Windows will quickly come to understand how the software functions.

We also make using LiquorPOS simple. For example, LiquorPOS users can upgrade to our latest Windows version directly from your existing program, with no time wasted re-entering data.

To see all of LiquorPOS’ features at work and learn how they can benefit your business, contact our team to schedule a demonstration.


PA-DSS compliance validation, including enhanced security features. Running Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8 as the operating system ensures PCI DSS compliance.

A preloaded database with more than 35,000 items and an increased limit for inventoried items.

Scalable customer, product, purchase order, and receiving windows.

Increased price limit for high-ticket specialty items.

EMV-enabled hardware with Heartland’s out-of-scope integration, enabling electronic signature capture. Direct integration to Heartland via EMV-enabled hardware also means you’re protected by the Heartland Secure Breach Warranty.

Ability to import product lists or add inventory from Excel, and then augment an existing database, eliminating manual entry.

Enhanced report, label, and receipt customization.

Customer lists can be sorted by first name, allowing repeat customers to receive specialized service.


Simple, Speedy Record Maintenance

No more time-consuming searches through menus and inventory lists to find the records you need to update. Locate each record and field you want to edit with just a few clicks.

Flexible Tax Setup

LiquorPOS, can be customized to conform to local tax laws and modified to reflect future changes. The system can handle up to four individual tax rates, as well as flat and table-based taxes. It also accommodates compound tax and applies taxes to deposits.

Easy Promotion Planning

With LiquorPOS, you don’t have to pull up individual items on a list to plan profitable promotions. Tag items from your product list, and the system can automatically load items you tag, leaving space for you enter the appropriate sale information.

Simplified Gift Basket Management

With LiquorPOS POS software, gift baskets are easy to manage. You can add and remove items from the baskets to suit customers’ needs. When you make a sale, scan just one barcode, and the system automatically removes all the individual items in the basket from your inventory.

Weighted Item Price Calculations

LiquorPOS will calculate the price of items sold by the ounce or pound, such as gourmet cheese, coffee or deli items, based on their weight. You can also use an integrated scale and print barcode price labels.

Easy Group Edit

LiquorPOS’ Group Edit feature allows you to group items together and make necessary changes to entries at the same time. To protect your data, you can activate this feature on only one POS station. In the event of an error, simply undo the last group edit performed.

Help Cursor

This innovative feature provides additional guidance in navigating the software’s Customize, Group Edit, and Export functions.

Fully Loaded Frequent Buyer Program

Our liquor store POS allows you to reward customers with discounts based on the volume. For each purchase, customers receive a specified number of points they can apply to discounts on future purchases.

Plentiful Product and Shelf Options

LiquorPOS permits you to print many types of clear, informative shelf and product barcode labels directly from your POS software with any laser printer. Select from a variety of labels formats that print on standard Avery or Zebra labels.

Photo-Enhanced Records

Our liquor store POS lets you add pictures to your product, customer, employee, or vendor records, making it easier to answer questions from customers inquiring about a particular product. This also helps you easily identify the people you do business with.

Plentiful Gift Certificate and Gift Card Options

Create and track gift certificates for your customers. You can use preprinted forms, have the system create a gift certificate on your receipt printer, or use gift cards from an integrated processor. This innovative liquor store POS feature can also generate a report indicating all open gift certificates.

General Ledger Merge

LiquorPOS minimizes general ledger data re-entry and errors by creating an interface file for downloading essential information from your end-of-day to your QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting software. Information remains in the file until you upload it into your accounting package.

Hassle-Free Cash Drops

LiquorPOS makes it possible to remove excess cash from your cash drawers while still following the flow of cash through the end of day. Our liquor store POS can generate two or more copies of the receipt for a cash drop so you can easily keep tabs on your cash.

Check Cashing Your Way

LiquorPOS offers the option to set up percentage, flat-rate, or table-based check-cashing fees. You can also choose how fees will be assessed when customers cash checks in your store.

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