Liquor Inventory Tracking

The profitability of your retail liquor business depends heavily on your ability to maintain close tabs on inventory. LiquorPOS’ liquor inventory management features simplify inventory-tracking and provides you with accurate, real-time inventory counts.

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Purchasing and Receiving Made Simple

LiquorPOS simplifies liquor inventory management with automating the purchase order and receiving functions. Based on data from your retail point of sale (POS) system, decide on an ideal quantity of each SKU you want to keep in stock. Then, leverage the retail inventory management software to create suggested purchase orders based these quantities and monitor cost changes when shipments arrive in-store.

Visibility into Stock and Value

What’s in stock? What’s the retail price and cost? With its multiple reporting options, LiquorPOS supplies the answers. You’ll also know the value of the items you have in stock, their retail price and your cost.

Fast and Easy Counts

LiquorPOS makes otherwise tedious inventory counts much faster and easier. Our retail inventory management feature lets you generate count sheets for groups of items and subsequently enter data from those sheets into your inventory management system. You can also scan items, input inventory counts from a handheld barcode scanner or other mobile device, or import a file from a data collection company.

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