Liquor Store Customer Management

Profitable relationships with customers are a primary ingredient in liquor store success. To build and maintain these relationships, you need a lot of information — such as who’s buying what, current account balances, and purchase histories of VIP customers. LiquorPOS and its liquor store customer management software module let you easily keep tabs on and access this data and more, providing you with a deeper understanding of your customer base and allowing you to take customer service and profitability to new heights.

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A Detailed Customer List

Our liquor store customer management feature enables you to consolidate data into one, convenient customer list. Use the list to access customer information, set up targeted promotions, and even individual, customer-specific discounts, which is a valuable tool when selling wholesale to restaurants and bars. Export information from this feature to Excel for use by your sales or marketing departments.

Sales Histories at a Glance

It’s important to know who your top customers are — as well as which items are selling. LiquorPOS gives you this data, putting item-specific sales histories at your fingertips and incorporating individual customer sales histories into the customer list. With this information from our liquor store customer management feature, you can effortlessly plan targeted promotions that will truly appeal to your best customers. You can also use this insight to ensure that you have the right inventory on hand, in the right quantities, leading to increased customer engagement and sales.

Getting Accounts Receivable Right

Customer relationships can’t be entirely profitable without customer account management capabilities — and LiquorPOS delivers. Our customer management feature updates account balances at the point of sale, so there’s never a question of what individual customers owe. Additionally, you’ll enjoy hassle-free payment-posting and tracking, along with the ability to apply credit limits to individual customers.

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