Heartland Liquor Store Point of Sale

Liquor Store Point of Sale for the way you do business

Profitably managing a beer, wine or liquor store means facing a set of unique challenges. Heartland LiquorPOS is designed to address the point of sale (POS) system requirements of retail liquor stores including managing orders, sales, and deposits whether by the case, six-pack, or bottle, as well as providing the level of service that builds customer loyalty. Our liquor store point of sales clients see fast ROI from the ability to automate many routine tasks and operate more efficiently and profitably.

Payment Security

Our liquor store point of sale solution is PA-DSS compliant, EMV compatible, and supported by Heartland cloud services to keep payment card data secure.

Industry Proven

Liquor stores have a lot in common when it comes to POS features, but Heartland understands every business is unique. LiquorPOS is customizable so it will support the specific way you do business.

Targeted Marketing

Track sales to specific groups of customers based on purchases or demographics for personalized, relevant — and effective — offers.

Customer Rewards

Offer a frequent buyer discount program and issue barcoded cards for preauthorized discounts. You can also use the system to manage house accounts that track customer preferences and print monthly billing statements.

The Road to Greater Profitability

LiquorPOS saves time, provides valuable insights, and helps curb shrinkage


Streamlined Business Processes

 LiquorPOS automates tasks to make day-to-day operations more manageable — whether you operate one location
or a multistore chain — saving you time and money.


Greater Visibility for Smarter Management

 Our reporting feature provides the data analysis you need to track sales, costs and profits, and employee performance.


Employee Accountability

 LiquorPOS minimizes retail shrinkage with customizable security levels, reports of sales, voids, and
deletions tracked by employee.

LiquorPOS Features

POS software specifically designed for your application

Access to Product Information

Price, inventory, and deposit information is just a few taps away.

User-friendly Setup

LiquorPOS has a preloaded, 35,000-item database. You can also upload your product list to configure your system quickly and easily, and import items from Excel to eliminate manual entry.

Age Verification

Scan a driver’s license using a Honeywell Xenon 1900 or HP 4430 barcode scanner to quickly and accurately verify age.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Save time reduce errors by automatically entering card payment data into your accounting or ERP solution.

Flexible Discounting Options

Discount single or grouped items manually or automatically.

Process Deposits

Manage deposits with sales and returns.

Multipack Items

Sell by the case, six-pack, or single — LiquorPOS will keep inventory accurate and up to date.

Customizable Receipts

Add a 400×100 pixel logo and add a custom message to the receipt banner or bottom.

Purchase Orders

Automatically generate purchase orders when inventory falls below a preset level.

Enterprise Reporting & Management

LiquorPOS allows you to review reports on a specific location or for your business as a whole to allow you to closely monitor your business.

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