Restaurant Workforce Management


Heartland XPIENT’s restaurant workforce management gives quick service and fast casual restaurants the ability to automate tasks related to staffing and scheduling.

Heartland XPIENT restaurant workforce management features give quick service and fast casual restaurants the ability to automate tasks related to staffing and scheduling. It delivers full functionality on site — as well as the ability to access scheduling and staffing information in real-time from any location with an internet connection.


Scheduling Functionality

XPIENT scheduling functionality makes restaurant workforce management faster and easier. The Demand Planning and Forecasting module allows you to analyze historical sales or guest counts to more accurately plan labor for specific times or seasons. You can choose to publish schedules only upon approval, and when published, they are immediately loaded into the point of sale (POS) for accurate enforcement.

Additional Features:
  • Labor can be expressed in hours or dollars
  • Daily and weekly views with easy-to-use line bar scheduling
  • Borrow employees from other locations during schedule creation
  • Dynamic feedback on over- and under-scheduling


XPIENT restaurant workforce management enables management of all employee records from one application. Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system automatically populates records, which are maintained at the enterprise, region, franchisee, or store level. At any time, you can add or update information such as I-9, W-4, EEOC data, employee photos, reviews and availability.

XPIENT allows you to manage an unlimited number of jobs for each employee, set minimum and maximum pay rates, adjust employee time records using either the point of sale (POS) or the back office interface, and manage time-off requests. Our Enterprise Payroll Calculation engine accurately calculates overtime and earnings when employees work in multiple locations.

Employee Self-Service

Empower your employees to be more involved with their scheduling with our Employee Self-Service feature, which can help improve morale, increase attendance, and decrease turnover.

XPIENT’s Employee Self-Service web portal, designed to be easily accessed with a mobile device, facilitates employee communication so they can easily receive schedules via email or text. It also enables your team to swap shifts with approval, update their availability including time off and shift requests, and maintain their personal information.

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