Restaurant Supply Chain Management

Restaurant Supply Chain Management from Heartland XPIENT

Join the ranks of restauranteurs who are embracing supply chain management in their quick service (QSR) and fast casual operations. Visibility is half the battle when it comes to restaurant supply chain management. Unfortunately, many owners and managers never have the opportunity to have a complete, unified view of what’s occurring in their restaurants.

With Heartland XPIENT restaurant supply chain management features, our software does the heavy lifting with strategic advantages such as:

  • Increasing inventory visibility
  • Reducing food waste
  • Accurately forecasting demand
  • Giving you negotiation power with vendors

A Unified View of Supply and Demand in Your Enterprise


Don’t underestimate the advantage a total solution provides when evaluating your operations from your accounting department to your dry storage room. The goal is to match supply as closely to demand as possible, without running out of stock or stock overages that result in waste.

The only way to strike the perfect ordering balance is to have a single, unified view of inventory across your entire enterprise. XPIENT provides the restaurant supply chain management visibility you need with advanced features such as:

  • Historical sales, product sales and inventory item use reports
  • Demand planning
  • Forecasting for accurate estimates
  • Suggested purchase order generation
  • Electronic data interface (EDI) for purchase orders and invoices
  • Receipt by exception and automated accounting for delivery discrepancies

Efficiently Manage Vendors

Part of restaurant supply chain management is vendor management. XPIENT enables you to connect directly to your distributors with an EDI interface to make entering purchase orders and paying invoices far easier. Take advantage of promotions, limited-time offers, and bulk discounts with an organized and strategic approach to dealing with vendors. XPIENT restaurant supply chain management works across your enterprise so individual stores can access the same information as the corporate account.

If your business is ready to take restaurant supply chain management to the next level, contact one of our representatives to walk you through the benefits of choosing XPIENT for your quick service or fast casual restaurant.

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