Restaurant POS Reporting


Data from the restaurant POS reporting features of Heartland XPIENT software provide the insights you need to run an efficient, profitable business.

Business intelligence is key to success in today’s competitive restaurant industry, and Heartland XPIENT’s restaurant POS reporting features provide you with the insights you need to make informed — and smarter — business decisions.

XPIENT delivers the business intelligence you need to compete. To find out more, contact our team today.

Data Security and Integrity

Security is a priority with XPIENT. Our software tracks all changes, whether at the central office or at store-level POS systems, for data security. XPIENT also maintains data integrity via conflict resolution and audit control, so your reports are always accurate, up to date, and a true snapshot of your business at a given time.

Data in a Format You Can Use

Your business collects massive amounts of data, but it is worthless unless you can easily find the information and insights you need. XPIENT restaurant POS reporting features customizable reports, making it easy to review and share information.

Data, Anytime You Need It

XPIENT cloud reporting enables you to check metrics for a single restaurant — or your entire enterprise with our multilocation forms. Keep a close watch on inventory, price changes, specials, and labor with reports from our system that automatically syncs data between the central database and store locations, saving time and labor hours it would take to manage data manually.


Restaurants often use a daybook to facilitate communication among managers. XPIENT takes the concept to a new level with our web-based DayBook that can be used enterprise wide. When not connected to the internet, managers can communicate with DayBook at store level. With an internet connection, it facilitates communication across your entire enterprise — individual location, franchise, or region — in real time.

With DayBook, you can:

  • List and manage in-store tasks and checklists
  • Create one-time or recurring tasks for a single store, multiple stores specific employee, or job function
  • Make permanent entries, which are automatically cataloged for easy search
  • Automatically record events including sales, cash variances, and shift switches
  • Designate particular tasks, journal entries and events to be visible to specific management levels

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