XPIENT Food Cost Management


Keep tight reigns on food costs with Heartland XPIENT restaurant management software’s enterprise food cost management module. Visibility is the first step to controlling costs, and XPIENT gives you the ability to monitor food costs enterprise-wide. A complicated matrix of factors including inventory, ingredients, menus, and purchasing go into calculating food costs. XPIENT gives you the tools to calculate costs accurately, taking every element that goes into real and projected food costs into consideration.

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XPIENT food cost management features

Location-based worksheets

Association of multiple items with a single inventory description

Daily, weekly or monthly count sheets

Real-time cost of goods sold (COGS) information

Theoretical food costs

Real-time transfers

Nested recipes that can be converted to finished goods and inventoried

Unlimited standard and custom measures per item

Waste and spoilage accounting

100% Reliability Whether You Are Online or Offline

XPIENT’s Enterprise Food Cost Module provides full operational reliability — whether you are connected to the internet or not, this module will be able to function on the store level. Then, when the connection to the network is restored, enjoy all the real-time benefits of web-based enterprise back office tools.

The Fast Track to Food Cost Management

XPIENT’s food cost management module automates many management tasks, saving time and labor hours. XPIENT generates reports based on real-time data that enable you to monitor spoilage and reduce food waste, identify sources of shrinkage, evaluate the profitability of your menu, calculate costs, and facilitate quality control.

Food Cost Management is a Stepping Stone to Better Processes

Once you have visibility into actual food costs, you can use that data as the foundation of informed business decisions that will benefit your entire restaurant operations.

  • Find areas of shrinkage and take steps to secure areas where you experience loss
  • Streamline recipes to reduce food waste
  • Use food costs to strategically plan menus and make menu changes
  • Make purchasing and vendor management less of a headache

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