XPIENT QSR Conversational Ordering


Provide exceptionally fast, accurate customer service to your quick service or fast casual customers with Heartland XPIENT IRIS POS’s QSR conversational ordering feature.

You may have the best employees in the quick service and fast casual restaurant world but if they don’t have a point of sale (POS) system that can keep up, you are crippling their ability to provide exceptional customer service and to increase average sales. IRIS POS by Heartland XPIENT, a pioneer in QSR conversational ordering, can make all the difference.

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Cut Training Time

XPIENT IRIS POS is extremely intuitive and highly configurable, so training time is reduced. After only a three-minute walk-through, new hires are ready to use XPIENT software to take orders. Thanks to the benefits and easy flow of QSR conversational ordering, you will never have to spend hours getting new employees oriented with order taking.

Faster Communication with the Kitchen

XPIENT’s QSR conversational ordering makes it much faster to get orders to the kitchen — and to get orders to your customers more quickly. Along with increased speed, you’ll also see that order accuracy increases, which translates into higher profits.

Order Entry that Matches How People Talk

A rigid and structured ordering process is a thing of the past when you make the move to XPIENT IRIS POS. Our QSR conversational ordering is specifically designed to better mimic the organic flow of a customer’s verbal order. This enables your employees to take orders without interrupting and to adjust orders without deleting or re-entering the item.

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