XPIENT Restaurant Management Software


Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT restaurant management software provides total functionality for all operations in the front and back of the house, helping your business to operate more efficiently and profitably.

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XPIENT eKitchen: Enhance Your Windows-Based KDS

XPIENT eKitchen empowers your kitchen display system

Enhance your Windows-based kitchen display system (KDS) hardware with XPIENT eKitchen browser-based software. XPIENT eKitchen empowers your kitchen display system to run additional applications including recipe look-up, production preparation, video training, real-time tracking of sales and orders, and labor scheduling. Easy-to-set-up virtual screens can be set up across stations, allowing for use of other management tools anywhere in your establishment.

XPIENT Back Office Management Tools

XPIENT provides a variety of back office management tools including:

  • Employee time and attendance
  • Payroll calculation
  • Multiple register management programs
  • Total system redundancy
  • Easy-to-use dashboard


XPIENT also offers integrations with a variety of third-party applications.

Engage Customers with XPIENT eSign

Engage your customers as they order with XPIENT eSign. This customizable, customer-facing, application integrates order confirmation, media sourced from your online archive, and a suggestive selling algorithm that scans the customer’s order and delivers upselling or special suggestions based on the content of the order.

eSign’s open architecture enables integration with popular graphic and video development tools, such as Macromedia Flash, and can draw upon your video and audio resources for delivering promotional content straight to the customer. eSign can even be leveraged as a video receipt displayed on a customer display when order confirmation is provided.

Hardware-Independent Software

XPIENT restaurant management software can be used with many point of sale hardware platforms. XPIENT interfaces provide support for most credit and debit card processing services, third-party hardware such as kitchen display systems (KDS), and back office systems. What’s more, many of Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT solutions can be integrated into almost any application using a conventional ODBC or OLE DB database.

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