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Digital Dining


Scalable systems that adapt to changing operations

For your fast casual restaurant to succeed you need a point of sale (POS) system that help you optimize your operation — and at the same time deliver great dining experiences. Heartland fast casual POS systems provide you with all the tools your restaurant needs to maximize profits and build customer loyalty. Our fully customizable fast casual POS software is also agile enough to adapt if your concept changes in response to a highly competitive market.

Streamlined Operations

Our systems are designed for the fewest clicks, the fewest steps, and the easiest way for staff to communicate.

Agility for Changing Times

Whether your business model is successful or if you’re considering adding table service or moving to a quick service concept, our POS software gives you the flexibility you need.

Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Manage vendors and orders to ensure you are true to your commitment to serving only the finest, ethically sourced foods.

Cost Control Measures

With rising food and labor costs, our POS systems give you the visibility and data you need to make money-saving decisions.

Heartland Fast Casual Restaurant POS Management Features

Save time and manage your eatery more effectively

Cloud Access and Reports

You can log into our fast casual point of sale systems from any device to change prices or menus and to review vital data.

Multistore Management

Oversee operations at multiple locations from one, convenient and easy-to-use dashboard.

Add New Revenue Streams

Expand your business with online ordering, drive-through service, curbside pickup, or self-service kiosks.

Labor Management

Efficiently and profitably manage training, time and attendance, scheduling, and payroll.
Fast Casual

Essential Fast Casual POS Solution Features

Fast Casual

Fast casual restaurant POS software designed specifically for your type of operation

Kitchen System Integration

Send orders directly to the kitchen display system (KDS) or kitchen printer.

Inventory Management

Monitor stock and usage to reduce waste and always have the right ingredients on hand.

Detailed Modifiers

Pamper customers with the ability to order menu items just the way they like them.

Secure Payment Processing

Our systems securely accept payment types including EMV chip cards and contactless payments.

Loyalty and Gift Cards

Easily manage your loyalty program and issue gift cards right from the POS terminal.

Online ordering

Send online orders directly to the kitchen, freeing staff to focus on dine-in customers.

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