Dinerware POS Security

Heartland Dinerware offers you effective security features to protect sensitive payment card data and your network.

At Heartland Dinerware, point of sale (POS) security is a top priority. To help you keep assets, data — and your business — safe, our restaurant POS solutions have access control, activity monitoring, and secure transaction features built in.

The latest version of Dinerware offers you effective security features to protect sensitive data and your network. Contact a knowledgeable member of our staff about POS security and how Dinerware can help keep it airtight.

Backed by Heartland Secure

Dinerware Heartland Secure ™ eliminates worries about stolen card information — for both you and your customers. With Heartland Secure, Dinerware users enjoy the most secure level of credit and debit card processing.

Three powerful technologies guard against card-present data fraud and credit card data breaches:

  • EMV electronic chip technology, to authenticate card-present transactions
  • E3™ end-to-end encryption technology, which immediately encrypts credit and debit card data as it is captured and make it unreadable
  • Tokenization technology, to replace card data with tokens, which are not usable if stolen



Dinerware can generate reports that give you visibility into all activity in your POS system. Dinerware’s reporting feature allows you to investigate suspicious activity at the POS by monitoring sales and employees who are clocked in at any given time.

Tableside Payment Acceptance

Dinerware’s mobile, pay-at-the-table capabilities enhance POS security for your customers and by allowing credit and debit card transactions to be processed without being removed from customers’ sight.

Restricted Access

Under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), businesses must limit access to cardholder data to only those employees that need it to do their jobs. With Dinerware, you can establish role-based data access and require that employees identify themselves
using unique ID.

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