Restaurant POS Reporting

Restaurateurs need data to operate a profitable and competitive business. Heartland Dinerware restaurant POS reporting gives you greater visibility into facets of your business such as sales, labor, and inventory, and allows you to make data-based decisions that can mean greater cost savings and enhanced productivity.

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The Information You Need

Dinerware restaurant POS reporting produces reports for a timeframe you designate on any area of your business including:
  • Sales
  • Charges
  • Labor costs
  • Sales tax
You can also monitor reports that show discounts, “no sales” and voids to help curb loss and shrinkage.
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Actionable Intelligence

Dinerware understands that data needs to be presented in a way that’s useful to you and your team. We offer reports in a wide variety of formats that give you the option of choosing the best representation of data to meet your requirements.

Flex Reports

Once you select the report format that’s right for your business, our Flex Reports feature allows you to remove unnecessary information and customize reports so they present only the data you choose — so you don’t have to search for the numbers you need.

Anytime, Anywhere Reports

With Dinerware Home Office, our web-based mobile management tool, you can access Dinerware restaurant POS reports from any device, from any location, with an internet connection. Home Office makes it easy to monitor your business in real-time, even when traveling or working at another location.

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