Dinerware Tablet Mode

Heartland Dinerware tablet-based solution gives you point of sale functionality anywhere you need it to help operate more efficiently and provide great customer service.

Tablet-based mobile point of sale (Tablet Mode) from Heartland Dinerware gives you and your staff full POS functionality anywhere you need it — the bar, outdoor dining, tableside in the dining room, or the food truck. Used with a stand, it can also be used as a stationary POS terminal where space is limited.

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Full POS Functionality on the Go

Dinerware mPOS is integrated with POS software on our stationary terminals, so the same applications and data are accessible to your staff using tablets. Data is also updated in real-time, providing greater visibility into operations.

Operate More Efficiently

Taking POS functionality to the customer saves time. It eliminates steps walking back and forth to a stationary terminal to send orders to the kitchen or to complete payment transactions. mPOS can also be used for line busting to eliminate long queues of customers waiting to order or pay

Easy Training

Employees familiar with using Dinerware on a stationary terminal will need little or no additional training to use our PC-based tablet version.

An Added Sense of Security

When servers take a payment at the table, guests never have to let a payment card leave their site. Settling the check is also a quicker process with tablet POS, and with a mobile receipt printer, wait staff can also print a receipt at the table as well.

Benefits of POS at the Table

Accessing your POS system when taking orders will mean fewer errors and, as a result, less waste. With mPOS, servers can also access information that customers request, such as allergy or ingredient information. Servers could also access loyalty rewards or customer histories, which can provide some information on a customer’s preferences and help servers upsell more effectively.

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