Fresh Sheet Menu Item Management

Heartland Dinerware’s Fresh Sheet feature enables restaurants to keep track of specials or menu items to keep operations running smoothly.

Heartland Dinerware offers single independent restaurants and small chains the ability to manage items easily and accurately with its Fresh Sheet feature. Restaurant operators can enter specialty items or items in limited amounts on the Fresh Sheet. The quantities will count down as items are sold so your staff is alerted in real time when an item is sold out or out of stock.

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Intuitive User Interface

Like all of Dinerware’s features, it is easy to learn and to use. Managers can quickly make changes by logging in, tapping the “edit” function, selecting items from the menu list and entering the quantity.

Track Menu Items And Stock

Fresh Sheet is ideal for limited numbers of daily specials, but it also can be used to track the use of stock or supplies — for example, enter cases of soda and track the cans sold. Fresh Sheet can accommodate hundreds of items, so for many single restaurants and small chains, it’s a simple and effective solution for item management.

Make Smart Decisions

Reviewing quantities in Fresh Sheet will let you know when it’s time to reorder. The accurate data that Fresh Sheet provides helps maintain availability of popular items, but also avoids waste and unnecessary costs associated with over ordering. In addition, Fresh Sheet data can be used to determine which items are your best sellers and which move more slowly, so you can adjust your menu and plan for greater profitability.

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