Gift and Loyalty Card Programs

With competition growing ever stronger, restaurateurs are working to increase traffic by making dining out more convenient and rewarding for their customers. Heartland Dinerware’s customizable gift and loyalty card programs can help you attract new customers to your restaurant and cultivate repeat business. Our solutions are perfect for independent restaurants and small chains that want to meet their customers’ demands for gift and loyalty cards.

How it Works

Dinerware takes all the work out of offering a gift and loyalty card program. You simply purchase the cards directly from Dinerware. We preprint them with your restaurant’s logo and name to heighten brand recognition and remind customers of your business every time they open their wallets.

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Track and Monitor Results

Once your programs are underway, Dinerware’s solution lets you easily monitor results. For example, at holiday time, you can quickly determine how many gift cards were sold at your restaurant, along with total dollar sales. You can also monitor and track rewards points redemption and see outstanding dollar balances. With this information, you can make changes that will truly maximize program impact and improve the bottom line.

Good at All Locations

If your business has more than one location, card sales will also benefit from the flexibility of the program. Cards can be purchased at any one of your locations and redeemed at another, making gift giving and redemption convenient for customers.

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