Restaurant Employee Management

Calculating hours worked, managing payroll and enforcing attendance, can be a time-consuming, error-prone task. However, restaurant employee management doesn’t have to be a burden on restaurant operators. Heartland Dinerware makes managing employees easier, saving time by automating processes and eliminating errors associated with manual processes.

Employee management features are just some of the benefits available when you choose Dinerware restaurant POS for your business. Request a demo to see all the advantages the solution can provide to your business.

Hours and Payroll

Dinerware tracks all hours worked by all employees and automatically computes compensation. It’s all there in black and white — no more guesswork, manual computation, and time and money wasted due to mathematical errors. Streamlining the payroll function even more, the system integrates with Heartland payroll platform and facilitates export of payroll reports.

Break Management

Dinerware’s restaurant employee management features also keep a lid on labor expenditures by giving you the tools to track employee breaks. Just program the system with your policies, such as number and duration of breaks per employee per day and appropriate break times.

Clock-In, Clock-Out

With Dinerware, your business has the choice of requiring employees to clock in on the point of sale (POS) by entering a code or using a unique swipe card. Either method prevents “buddy-punching,” so you don’t pay employees for time not spent on the job. This can yield significant labor cost savings, benefiting your bottom line.

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