Restaurant Reservation System

Easily manage customer seating and table service with Heartland Digital Dining’s restaurant reservation system and table management modules. These modules work together and are completely integrated with the POS system, allowing hosts to control table availability, provide prompt attention to guests, and access customer information such as loyalty card memberships.

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Improve Table Service


The Table Management module helps to improve the level of service guests receive when they arrive at your restaurant. The Wait List feature calculates accurate wait times to accommodate seating requests, and notifies the host when a desired table is ready. Customizable table alarms remind staff to perform certain actions (such as providing drink refills or clearing) in a timely manner, and indicate when customers have been kept waiting too long. Alarm reports allow managers to monitor alarm frequency and type to identify service problems.

Special Events

Digital Dining’s restaurant reservation system allows you to pre-define arrangements for special events (such as birthday parties or corporate dinners), and the POS system will automatically apply that data when the reservation is made. You can also add special instructions for events or for large parties that need extra attention.

Staff Rotation

Digital Dining automatically distributes tables to servers evenly, and managers can make adjustments in the POS system according to an individual server’s capabilities or workload, ensuring the best possible coverage.

Customizable Table Properties

Both the Reservation and Table Management modules allow you to assign various properties to tables, such as smoking preference, location (by the fireplace or window), and type (table or booth). Hosts can quickly locate seating that matches customer requests. If the desired seating is unavailable, the reservation system will automatically offer alternative suggestions.

Search and Report

The Reservations module allows you to search, edit, and sort existing reservations according to a variety of criteria. You can also generate reports to prepare for special events or to analyze cancellations, “no shows,” and table information.

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