Restaurant POS Reporting

Restaurant operators can have the vital business information they need at their fingertips with Heartland Digital Dining’s Dashboard. This powerful, web-based restaurant POS reporting tool creates customized, detailed reports on every aspect of your business, including inventory, labor management, and all types of transactions. Because it is web-based, it can be viewed from any Internet-enabled device, so you can access critical data anywhere, at any time.

“Slice It Any Way You Like” Reports

Digital Dining’s Dashboard uses the up-to-the-minute information from the point of sale to generate detailed reports that provide the insights you need. Reports can be defined and saved, or used on a one-time basis. You can maintain history files for a virtually unlimited period of time to monitor trends. This restaurant POS reporting tool processes registers and produces daily reports about any aspect of your business you need to examine, including:

  • Receipt reports by receipt type, register, profit center, or day of the week
  • Sales reports by sales type, preparation type, preparation group, profit center, or day of the week
  • Discount and charge reports
  • Labor costs
  • Sales tax reports
  • Fraud alerts that track unauthorized voids, high tips, transfers, or “no sale” transactions, to help you maintain security


Enterprise Dashboard

Our Enterprise system allows you to set up multiple reporting hierarchies, so different users can view the information they need without creating separate reports for each store. Digital Dining offers a powerful data warehouse and business intelligence system that will meet all of your restaurant POS reporting needs. To find out more, contact our team today

Optional Modules Provide Additional Utility

The Staff Scheduling & Management module allows employees to update their availability; request time off; view schedules from the web, email, and smartphones; and trade shifts with other employees. Managers can spend less time on scheduling, minimize labor costs, and monitor overtime. The Inventory Management module helps you control your inventory costs by tracking your purchase orders and invoices, waste, and weekly usage.

POS Intelligence

We help you make data-based decisions by collecting information from all of your POS systems across your organization. Track sales, guest, and menu item trends for one store or a thousand. Get key performance metrics delivered by email, and set up alerts to monitor cash over/shorts, comps, voids, and employee overtime.

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