Multistore Enterprise Solution

Create, manage, and control the database of multiple restaurant sites from a single corporate headquarters with Digital Dining’s Multistore Enterprise Solution. Gather and analyze daily sales activities and other data from one store, a group, or all stores. You can also implement menu or price changes in select locations or across the board.

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Centralized Control

Digital Dining’s Multistore Setup and Multistore Office programs allow you to create and manage files for multiple restaurants from a single, central database. This includes restaurants of different concept, region, state, and pricing structure. Digital Dining’s built-in software deployment system eliminates having to juggle software maintenance and upgrades at different locations.

From a single location, you can create system files, such as register definitions for new stores, or make critical data changes, such as edits to menu items, prices, or tax tables for existing stores. You can then export those files as data packages to all appropriate stores in your chain. Digital Dining enables uniformity across your enterprise or allows different locations to have different pricing or menus. Utilize features such as the Store Emulator to replicate a store’s database in order to safely test changes, or the Store Import Utility to convert data from a pilot store and use it to create the next store’s database.


Internet-Based Communications

Managers can monitor the daily sales activities of their restaurants securely over the Internet. Digital Dining offers you maximum security with offline data encryption and optimum performance with offline data compression. The system operates effectively using low-cost dial-up lines in areas where higher-speed connections may be unavailable or prohibitively expensive.


Individual locations can export their daily sales transaction data to corporate headquarters, either manually or automatically as a part of end-of-day processing. Headquarters can then integrate the information into its central database so you can generate an array of reports including sales, receipts, discounts, charges, voids, and taxes. You can generate reports for a specific store, a region, a concept, or an entire chain. And because all data is stored securely at your headquarters, no third-party will have access to your financial information.

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