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Restaurant POS System


Heartland Digital Dining restaurant POS system has features designed to make your restaurant operate more efficiently and cost-effectively:

Menu Features of Our Restaurant POS System:

Analyze menu item sales, costs and profits with user-definable reports

Quickly change large numbers of menu items

Print menu item, price and modifier lists

Maintain menu item recipes with an unlimited number of ingredient items

Report exceptions for high or low volume, high or low cost, or any combination

Interface with inventory management

Apply up to four different tax rates

Record historical information on “memo” tabs for each menu item

Determine which menu items and modifiers are sent to preparation printers

Easily configure ordering windows

Export all menu item reports to other applications

Maintain 999,999 menu items

Use unlimited chains of modifiers

Maintain five price levels for a single menu item, such as different prices for Happy Hour and Sunday Brunch

Assign an icon to a menu item displayed at the point of sale

Maintain preparation instructions for use at the point of sale

Record plate costs and cost percentages for each price level

Flexible and Customizable Printing

Digital Dining’s restaurant POS system enables you to customize printing for checks, prep tickets, clock-in and clock-out slips, server reports, and more.


Convenient Payment Options

Our restaurant POS system gives you the ability to accept multiple tenders, split checks, authorize a sale after placing an order.


Kitchen Video

Our restaurant POS system cuts wait times by quickly routing orders to the appropriate prep station with onscreen instructions.


Line Busting

Use handheld POS to expand order taking capabilities and accept payments during peak hours.


Frequent Diner

Digital Dining’s restaurant POS system enables you to reward your most loyal customers with Frequent Diner rewards. Issue coupons or special offers to show you value their business and to encourage them to return to your restaurant.

Transfer Checks between Staff Members

Digital Dining enables you to transfer checks or all open checks from one staff member to another. Transactions are secure and include an audit trail.


Hold and Fire

Your staff can hold specific menu items so they don’t print to the kitchen immediately.


Drive-Through, Prep Screen and Display

Manage one or multiple window drive-through operations. Use Counter Service POS to configure the POS prep screen to display the last orders taken and whether they should be served on a tray or bagged. The drive-through display allows customers to see orders and correct any mistakes before driving to the pickup window.


Suggestive Selling

Regardless of the type of restaurant you operate, you can configure Digital Dining to generate suggestive selling prompts based on an order.

Delivery Features

Zone-based delivery: maximize driver efficiency by establishing zones and rules for each delivery situation.

Dispatch register: print detailed maps of the optimal route. The Pay Driver Run feature enables the dispatcher to accept payment from multiple drivers within seconds.

Caller ID: process phone orders quickly, look up name, telephone number, last order, and other details to make the ordering process faster.


Bar Features

Reorder: reorder a round of drinks without having to reorder each manually.

Doubles: change a drink to a double with one tap, automatically changing pricing and inventory reduction.

Happy Hour: Digital Dining automatically changes pricing for Happy Hour or other promotion. Changes can occur up to nine times per day.

Recipes: display drink recipes for new bartenders or print them for customers.

Quick Tab Transfer: bartenders starting a shift can pick up all open tabs from the bartender ending a shift. They can also transfer tabs to a server.

Blind drops: account for cash in drawers with blind drops without a target total. Drops are included in POS reports that managers can use to reconcile drawers.

Camera interface: integrated security cameras allow monitoring of drinks poured and the price entered for the transaction.

Digital Signage

Digital Dining’s Digital Signage gives you an attractive, eye-catching option to display specials, menus or promotions. You can make immediate changes to digital signage through Digital Dining Back Office and control all menu boards in your enterprise from your multistore headquarters. With our digital signage you can:

Synchronize menu boards with POS registers

Keep menus up to date

Maintain a library of menu item images

Display nutritional information

Multiple Menu Board Definitions

Define multiple menus for different day parts

Create multiple menu boards for multi-outlet food courts


Retail Sales

Restaurants with retail wine, bakery or gift stores can gain efficiencies with Digital Dining’s retail feature. It supports up to 999,999 items, including barcoded items, and integrates with your POS system so menu items and retail sales can be printed on one check and to facilitate end-of-day reporting. It also enables you to separate profit centers for specialized management.

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