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With Digital Dining Handhelds, you can order and pay at the table. No worries about identity theft. Your customer’s credit card is never out of sight.

Equipping your staff with mobile POS devices running Heartland Digital Dining’s digital suite can streamline processes, increase efficiencies and, ultimately, increase profits. Handheld POS gives servers the ability to take orders tableside and transmit them to the kitchen without waiting to use a stationary terminal or leaving the dining area where they are needed most.

Full Digital Dining Functionality on the Go

Digital Dining’s mobile solution is fully integrated with the standard suite so they share the same database and data is updated in real-time. Our mobile POS interface is consistent with Digital Dining’s terminal POS solution, so little additional training is required. This also means servers have all of Digital Dining’s functionality wherever they are in the restaurant — there is no need to sacrifice function to add mobility. Digital Dining’s mobile solution is compatible with Windows Surface, tablets and smartphones and all iOS devices.


Secure, Tableside Payment

With handheld POS, customers not only receive quicker service when it’s time to settle the check, they also have the security of never having to let payment cards out of their sight. Our mobile POS solution also supports mobile receipt printers, so servers can print credit card slips right at the table.


Frequent Dining Account Updates

Our mobile POS solution includes all of our Frequent Dining program features, so servers can access accounts at the table.

All the On-Screen Information Servers Need

Digital Dining’s mobile POS gives servers the information they need at the customer’s table. Our Suggestive Selling feature prompts servers to ask if the customer would like to upsize or order a complementary item. And our Item Out feature alerts the server when the customer orders an item that is not available and helps them suggest an alternate. Our mobile POS solution can also allow the server to access recipes or images of menu items to provide customers with the information they need to place an order that they’ll truly enjoy.


Stock Takes

Our handheld POS solution includes stock take capability. It doesn’t use proprietary or dedicated hardware, so your team can use the same mobile devices for inventory stock takes during non-business hours.


Send & Stay

Our send and stay feature enables your staff to transmit orders to prep printers without closing a check. This allows the bar and kitchen staff to start preparations before guest place the rest of their orders.


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