Loyalty and Gift Cards

Attract new customers to your restaurant and keep them coming back with Heartland Digital Dining’s customizable loyalty card programs and gift card programs. We make it easy to create increased customer satisfaction and improved sales through these programs.

Contact our team for more information about how Digital Dining’s loyalty card program and gift card program capabilities can help you provide personalized dining experiences that grow your customer base.

Gift Card Programs

Digital Dining’s Gift Card module is easy to use, has its own report generator to track gift certificate sales, allows for simple to complex gift certificate definitions, and ensures that your gift certificates are being sold and redeemed securely. It can be set up to allow gift cards to be used at multiple locations with the swipe of a card. Each gift card can have its own unique ID number and can be verified within the system automatically. Customizable reports help you analyze which promotions are the most successful.

Highly Customizable Plans

Create up to 99 unique frequent diner plans that reward customers based on the dollar value of menu items purchased, the quantity of items purchased, the number of their visits, or by the specific items purchased. Customizable reports allow you to track customer progress toward specified goals. Reward customers with coupons generated automatically at the POS, personalized coupons printed in the back office and mailed to customers, or store credit that is redeemable for future purchases.

Loyalty Card Programs

Digital Dining’s Frequent Diner program gives you the tools to generate and maintain customer loyalty through reward plans. The customer database stores vital information that helps you get to know your customers and their preferences. Then, it helps you create promotions that cater to those interests. Feature-rich and configurable for any type of restaurant, Frequent Diner, a part of Digital Dining’s Professional suite, is the most robust integrated customer loyalty program in the industry.

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