Restaurant Labor Management

The restaurant labor management features of Heartland Digital Dining help optimize labor while streamlining processes and saving administrative time.

Digital Dining’s Labor Scheduling module provides the tools you need to simplify your restaurant labor management, reduce labor costs, and improve your bottom line. From report and budget generation to secure clock-ins and staff information maintenance, Digital Dining makes managers’ jobs easier.

Digital Dining fully integrates restaurant labor management with the Back Office and POS system to eliminate the hassles of data coordination and streamline your operations. Contact our team to put these benefits to work for you.

Staff Member Maintenance

Analyze productivity, provide time and attendance information for payroll, and have each staff member’s information at your fingertips with Digital Dining’s restaurant labor management module. You can record and maintain availability and historical data, provide performance ratings and complete sales and tip histories for each staff member. This feature also enables you to manage e-mail communication with individuals or groups of employees.

Schedule Enforcement

We’ve integrated the Labor Scheduling program with our POS system, allowing you to enforce schedules at the Clock In screen. You can require a manager’s approval for early and late clock-ins and clock-outs. Combining dynamic security controls with Digital Dining’s innovative Fingerprint ID technology, you can prevent “buddy” clock-ins for dramatic labor cost savings. Managers can easily override an enforced schedule to clock in unscheduled staff and quickly resolve scheduling problems on the floor.

Schedule Budgets and Reports

Ensure optimal staff coverage with our labor budget capabilities. Using definable staff ratings, prioritized days of the week, and staff availability records, you can create labor budgets to accurately predict your upcoming labor needs. In addition, you can use labor budgets as a framework to produce actual schedules and to ensure the right staff members are covering all required jobs on a shift. You can also create a wide variety of customizable reports, including actual vs. expected labor costs, and you can also schedule postings.

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