Restaurant Inventory Management

Heartland Digital Dining streamlines efficient and accurate restaurant inventory management.

Heartland Digital Dining makes tracking restaurant inventory more efficient and more effective. Our inventory management features give you the functionality and the insight into your business to reduce waste, lower costs and increase profits.

Back Office Recipes

From our Menu Item Maintenance window, create and maintain portion control recipes that calculate food costs based on the most recent inventory prices. Recipes also enable Digital Dining to estimate usage based on sales and compare this to actual usage, flagging discrepancies.


Batch and Sub Recipes

For sauces and mixes that are prepared and then used in other dishes, Digital Dining allows you to enter batch recipes to accurately account for all the ingredients in the batch. Sub recipes allow you to replace menu items, such as items in mixed vegetables, and still keep accurate inventory records.


Key Items

For most restaurants, a small number of inventory items represent most your sales. To account for the “80-20 rule” in restaurant inventory, Digital Dining developed the Key Item feature to track the most popular and fast-moving items in your stock.


Inventory Levels

Inventory, menu items and associated recipes are automatically reduced — when a menu item is ordered, the POS tracks the sale and deducts the appropriate amount of inventory during end-of-day processing. Digital Dining generates suggested purchase orders and automates the receiving process by immediately updating stock and calculating new costs.

Stock Takes

Digital Dining allows you to use the same mobile devices used at the point of sale (POS) for item entry purchase counts, storage and usage units, or any combination. Using mobile devices for stock taking is faster, more efficient, and more accurate than manual methods. In addition, Digital Dining generates printed forms that immediately show discrepancies between what should be on stock and how much is actually there.



Our inventory feature enables you to accurately manage inventory for any business — from a small tavern to a large hotel dining room. Digital Dining can also track inventory for multiple profit centers, such as dining rooms, bars, and takeout.


Track at Any Location

Track inventory stored in different restaurant locations, enabling you to compare how different locations use stock. You can set different par and reorder levels per location.


Multiple Vendors

Inventory items can be associated with different vendors. Digital Dining gives you the ability to create any pack size for items, so you can purchase from different vendors even if they sell in different pack sizes.

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