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Digital Dining


Our bar and nightclub POS software keeps pace, even during Friday Happy Hour

Your customers want fast, efficient service with a personal touch — even during your busiest times. You need a bar point of sale (POS) system that keeps up. Heartland’s fully customizable bar and nightclub POS software gives you all the features you need to deliver service — and delicious cocktails — that please your customers and build their loyalty.

Convenient Tabs

Easily open a tab and preauthorize payment. Bartenders don’t have to hold onto the card and you’ll eliminate unpaid tabs at the end of the night.

Inventory Tracking

Keep a close eye on inventory and make changes to the drink menu when ingredients run low. You can also monitor inventory to minimize loss.

Drink Recipes

Bartenders never need to slow down to find an unfamiliar recipe. Our bar POS system software keeps the information they need at their fingertips.

Age Verification

Our bar POS solutions quickly confirm a customer’s age by scanning ID or driver’s license to avoid facing fines or legal action.

Manage a Profitable Bar with Heartland Bar POS Systems

Maximize efficiency and productivity and minimize shrinkage

Centralized Management

Easily change menus and promotions. You can even set Happy Hour pricing to update automatically.

Recipe Costs

Analyze drink recipes to determine costs and profitability, and determine top-sellers that are bringing people through the doors.

Cloud-Based Reporting

Even if you are away from the bar, you can log in for an update on sales, inventory, and profits.

Labor Management

Automate time and attendance, scheduling, and payroll, giving you time to focus on other areas of your business.

Heartland Bar POS Systems Have the Features Your Business Needs


Our quick service POS software is designed specifically for restaurateurs by restaurateurs to perfectly meet your business’ needs.

Mobile POS

Equip servers with tablets to place orders instantly and accept payments at the table.

Split or Moved Checks

Accommodate customer requests to split a check or to move to another table.

Secure payment processing

Accept any payment type, including EMV chip cards and contactless payments.

Customer Loyalty

Reward your most loyal customers with discounts and send personalized offers.

Gift Cards

Sell and redeem branded gift cards easily at the point of sale.

Easy Training

Quickly train new bartenders and servers with our intuitive systems.

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