The Heartland Story

In early 2014, Heartland acquired the industry-leading LiquorPOS software platform, a product specifically designed for the operational needs of liquor store retailers. In November of 2014, Heartland acquired XPIENT, software concentrated in the quick service and fast casual markets. February 2015 brought the acquisition of Dinerware and pcAmerica, two products holding strong presence with independent restaurants and retail stores, respectively. Then in October 2015, Heartland acquired Digital Dining, a powerhouse of a restaurant software product that can nimbly meet the needs of a single location or a 100-location enterprise.


Building a Strong Dealer Channel

Most importantly, these acquisitions resulted in a newly conglomerated Dealer channel — numbering over 300 strong — with reach into all regions of the United States. These Dealers had previously functioned as islands, most working only with a single, core product. The new association with Heartland and access to the other products in the Heartland suite has given the Dealer channel community the opportunity to expand point of sale (POS) offerings and broaden their target base of prospects.

The Story Continues

Heartland’s division represents a best-in-breed suite of products for small to medium-sized restaurateurs and retailers, as well as a world-class Dealer channel dedicated to providing top-notch implementations and service to Merchants.

As we add new products to Heartland, new services to existing products, and new Dealers to the ranks, we see Heartland’s presence in the point of sale market growing like never before. Contact us to learn more and consider making your success through Heartland a part of the continuing Heartland Story.